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Technology as a competitive edge

The Sri Lankan apparel industry is poised to
elevate apparel manufacturing by disrupting the future of
apparel value chains through ground breaking technologies, sciences and engineering.

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Exploring apparel in the era of sustainability

Sri Lanka Apparel continues to
champion the cause of sustainable manufacturing based on social, compliance and environmental factors.

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Isle of apparel
Sri Lanka - The Strategic Apparel Destination

For over three decades, Sri Lanka has built a reputation as a world-class apparel sourcing destination for the global fashion industry. It is a beautiful island, strategically located near major regional shipping routes to the United States of America, Europe, South Asia and the Far East, offering shorter lead times and cost-effective shipping. While productivity and speed are Sri Lanka's hallmarks, its reputation as a no-sweatshop, ethical environment for a highly educated, multi-cultural workforce, make it an ideal location to do business. Further, the island's close proximity to the Indian sub-continent positions it as a gateway to a market of 1.3 billion people.

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Shaping the Sri Lankan Apparel Industry

The Sri Lankan Apparel Exporters Association is the pioneer association representing the country’s apparel exporters. The association’s membership accounts for over 70% of the country’s apparel exports.

Who We Are



Annual Export Revenue

January - December 2023

All countries

$4,535.48 Mn



$1,811.62 Mn



$1,390.29 Mn


SLAEA Members

Founded in 1982, the Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association is the pioneer association for the apparel exporters industry in Sri Lanka. It has a membership of 72 apparel manufacturers in the country, sharing the ultimate goal of making Sri Lanka the number one apparel sourcing destination in the world.

Giving Back

The road to a sustainable apparel industry

The Sri Lanka apparel industry has championed the cause of sustainable manufacturing for many years.

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Garments without guilt

Sri Lanka is the first in the world to instill fair labour practices and safe working conditions throughout the sourcing and manufacturing process.

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Women go beyond borders

The apparel industry utilises a strong female workforce which provides direct employment opportunities to a substantial number of women in Sri Lanka

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